Great Golfer


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Great Golfer is the exciting debut album from the truly wacky Seabird Station. Bursting with creativity and hilarity, this fascinating confection is a delight for the whole family. Channeling their pure juvenile enthusiasm, the duo recorded haphazardly, grabbing instruments out of the closet at random, laying down lyrics or melodies on a whim, and transforming frivolous improvisations into clever, boogie-inducing grooves. Each silly sound that reaches your ear is just as likely to be a live instrument as a preprogrammed beat, a sample, or a jacket zipper. With its unique synthesis of absurd humor, exercise music, and irresistible dance beats, listening to Great Golfer is like stumbling upon a radio station being run by children during recess time. This eclectic record is, at its heart, an experiment in home recording, as almost nothing was written before it was put to tape. Instead, the preposterous pair discovered the songs as they went along, cheerfully throwing together ideas until something stuck. Months of painstaking editing have culminated in a family-friendly treat for your ears. So get ready to tune into the Seabird Station! But beware - once you hear Great Golfer, you might never look at a radio quite the same way again.