Shock 2 Da System


- Performed by -

Bursting onto the scene like a meteorite launched from Team Red’s exploding corpse, MC Y.T. brings a rap style that's too hot to handle. The one and only post-human MC pushes forward from his role as DJ and Producer of that late intergalactic rap duo, taking all the reins on his debut EP, Shock 2 Da System. The music he put to tape is sophisticated and fun as Y.T. seamlessly fuses beats from the old and new schools in order to create an innovative style all his own. Let this computer genius hack his way to your heart with the infectious dancehall groove of "Crash Override" or the pulsating house rhythm of the title track. Ever a resourceful musician, MC Y.T. recorded Shock 2 Da System in his own bedroom with the help of computer and synthesizer technology. As a result, the sound bristles with honesty and energy, held together by the resident hacker’s suave personality. After dazzling listeners with cucumber-cool lyrical stylings about everything from The Robots of Dawn to Admiral Bailey, Y.T. shows his vulnerable side with the smoldering love ballad, "Yours Truly" to finish what he started. Take a chance on the joyous hip-hop of Shock 2 Da System, and you're sure to find that it will spread like malware through your central nervous system. A purchase of this EP guarantees a permanent upgrade to your life.